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About Rent IQ

Rent IQ provides Property Management Companies with customized solutions created by the fusion of cutting edge web design, web-based applications and hosting services. Each Rent IQ solution is a flexible combination of several core components and is built to fit the customer’s needs. 

Rent IQ solutions streamline business processes, empower marketing initiatives, and increase exposure and profitability for Property Management Companies. 

Rent IQ allows companies to easily maintain online content and advance a cohesive, effective online strategy. In doing so, Rent IQ facilitates more control of corporate identity and branding, superior marketing for individual properties and efficient command of all aspects of a company’s web presence.

Core Components of a Rent IQ Solution

Corporate Website 
Professionally customized corporate website that is the focus of the company’s branding.

Property Search Tool 
Match renters visiting the corporate website to suitable apartments in any city or state.

Internal Property Websites 
Websites for each property that are a part of the corporate website, and accessible through the Property Search Tool.

External Property Websites  
An independent website for each property with a unique web address (ie: and property identity.  Properties can use this address to advertise themselves in newspapers, apartment publications, signage, business cards, or over the phone.

Content Management Tool

Instant, intuitive way to manage all online content from one Input Center. Contact us for access to the admin tool.

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